A Scensible Start

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Menstruation can be a stressful time of the month, especially when your period begins unexpectedly and you are not prepared with the basic supplies. 

Not all public restrooms are created equal with coin operated vending machines or a supply of free products.  Feel secure and be prepared with A Scensible Start.

Small and lightweight to carry in a backpack, purse, briefcase, and on the go. Ideal to keep in a school locker or work desk. The attractive inspirational quote bag contains tampons, pads, pain reliever (for cramps), personal care wipes and Scensibles® disposable bags. Choose from three sayings; Kind Heart Fierce Mind Brave Spirit; She Believed She Could So She Did; or Be Fearless in the Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul On Fire.

  • Remember to replenish the kit as needed
  • Plenty of room to store a spare pair of panties
  • Help a menstruator in need— you’ll be ready with a tampon or pad should anyone ever ask
  • Discreet and convenient to keep in a workplace washroom
  • Extra Scensibles travel packs available here