Little bag. Lots of confidence.

Scented bags for clean, easy, discreet disposal of menstrual care products

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I found this delightful little bag when I was looking for a small bag in which to toss my urinary pads that I have been using since surgery. I decided to try them. After receiving my order and trying them out I turned around and then bought 6 more boxes of them. They are small, pretty, and have a delightfully light scent. I figured any bag that is used for sanitary napkins and tampons could be used for urinary pads as well. I was right. I only wish they made a room spray in the light scent that these bags have. It is so pleasant and would smell nice sprayed around the room. I love using them. They are absolutely perfect, feminine and easy to carry around with you. You just place your used pad or tampon inside, tie it up and toss it. No mess, no fuss, no smell, no problem. I liked these so much I would give them away just so others could try them out. Do yourself a favor and get a box.

Susan G

These are great, easy to carry and use. I have a septic system, so this is an absolute necessity for me. I found them on a WA State Ferry and thought they were a great idea. They're good sized, so they would work for all sized liners and pads. I bought six boxes and gave a few to my teenage niece. She really likes them too. They're really a must if you have a septic system, old plumbing, a boat or RV. They're antimicrobial, biodegradable, discreet and have a pleasant scent. You won't be disappointed.

Elaine A

I work in a small store and we don't have a separate receptacle for feminine products and I always felt uncomfortable throwing mine into the community trash that only gets changed once a week. These bags are the perfect solution! They are very discreet and reduce the risk of odor. I will also be carrying them in my purse and suitcase for use in other people's homes. They are a great size which makes them useful for all shapes and sizes of tampons, pads, and liners. I absolutely recommend these to all women who use any feminine hygiene products!!


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Love, love, love these!

"We recently moved into a house with a septic system and it was a new experience for me. I wanted something to put into the guest bathroom for visiting family and friends.

I tried them out and loved them so much that I kept them for myself. These are a nice, clean solution for the bathroom.

To get a little detailed: They are big enough to hold both tampons and pads of all sizes. They also have a light scent to cover up any unpleasant scents from the feminine products."

Great for avoiding nasty clogs and odors

"We aren’t on a septic tank but we have rather delicate pipes so I’ve switched to using these bags to dispose of my feminine hygiene products and I’d recommend them to anyone.
You can dispose of your items in the garbage discreetly no matter where you are. They are perfect for on the go and look like tiny grocery bags."

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